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15x Comic Strip - Nanowrimo, writing a novel in 30 days 
06:23pm 02/11/2008

Nanowrimo Comic Strip 
11:32am 28/10/2008
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Happy Nanowrimo! Follow my progress at http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/246963
10:26am 30/11/2007
  well. this is it guys. you've either bowed out gracefully, or you're finished, or you're finishing up today. by this point, you can't not know what your novel's about. ...or can you?

every year, i find that i end up deviating wildly from my original idea, sometimes to disastrous degrees. this is my fourth year doing nano, my fourth year making extensive notes and outlines, and i can finally admit that all those outlines are basically useless. (even the blake snyder beat sheet... after following the plan religiously, i'm still only halfway through my actual story at 53k!)

anyway, what wild, unexpected turns did your novel take this year? in my opinion, those wild turns are the most pleasurable part of writing by the seat of your pants.

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Finished the novel 
06:37pm 23/11/2007
mood: exhausted
Zokutou word meter
106,330 / 106,330

Finally. Finished today. Not sure just how well it holds together, it was a far different story than I intended to write. Here I thought I'd have trouble reaching 50k.

I might work on inserting some scenes I missed, but for the most part, I'm finished.

Happy writing to everyone still writing. Keep it up. :-)
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04:34pm 19/11/2007
  just in case anyone missed this on the forums, we will indeed be having a combined write-in on tuesday the 19th (that's tomorrow) at mo'joe's at 6pm. it just seemed sort of pointless to have multiple write-ins on a week where lots of people would be out of town or otherwise occupied, and us downtowners would have lost our usual thursday meetup. so, if you're still going to be around this week, we'd love to see you there... at the very least, we can start writing that tribute to st. louis.  
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roooooll caaaaaall! 
10:30pm 17/11/2007
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
40,305 / 50,000

how's everyone doing? personally, i'm excited. this is the first year i'll have finished early, and by "early" i mean "before 11pm november 30th." i'm pretty amazed at how many people in the region are either already done, almost done, or over halfway done, even if st. louis is beating the crap out of us. fortunately i've already worked out a dance routine for the video of defeat. everybody ready to "crank that nanowrimo"?

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Friendsafire is Bowing out Gracefully... 
03:19pm 15/11/2007
mood: somewhat rushed and crazed
or as gracefully as I can. I can't manage NaNo this year...life has intervened and my muse is gone. She packed her bags, took her electric curlers, and drove off. I think she's in the Witness Protection program, probably working as a grocery store cashier and going by the name Sally.

Best of luck to you all and have a great T'day!
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01:43pm 06/11/2007

It's National Novel Writing Month
Are you in!?

How's everyone doing? 
09:54pm 04/11/2007
mood: blah
Today wasn't one of my better days, but that's bound to happen. I'm still chasing one person (back by quite a bit) but several people are on my heals so that will keep me going. ;-)

I had some great ideas out of the writers group this weekend, but I've decided I've got to (for now) keep going as I'd originally planned. I may still throw in that second storyline. But I'm keeping the ideas that came out of the group in mind for the revision after November. Some of that is just too good to pass up in this story. There seems to be a lot more here than I originally thought.

The last scene I wrote tonight was kind of depressing. Sometimes I get too emotionally involved with the story. But if I back off, I feel like I lose touch. Ugh... Writing relationship novels is tough. :/
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Today's progress 
08:22pm 01/11/2007
  Not sure I'm finished for the day yet. Managed 3000+ words in just a couple of hours of work. I'll be surprised if I keep up that pace. It is nice to have so much down time at my job, though. ;-)

Tomorrow should be a really productive day, too, though I'll be splitting my down time at work between writing and practicing. Should be fun.

It is really amazing to see so many participants here this year. I hope it keeps up through the month. :-)

07:40pm 01/11/2007
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3021 / 50,000

how's everyone doing? man, this is like falling in love all over again. at least i think so, but i'm a loser.

now, a few words about word counts, if you haven't been back to the site yet. the "update word count" feature has been disabled, so the only way to do this is go to "edit profile" (if you can even access your profile) and put it in the old-fashioned way. the zokutou word meter is also mostly disabled at the moment, but works in a wonky sort of way. i'm trying to find something comparable until that's back up and running. any suggestions?

last on the list of disabled things is the writing buddy search feature. the only way to add someone is by googling their username, going to their profile, and adding them that way. jeez.

anyway, it was wonderful meeting so many of you at the kickoff tuesday night! it's not every day i have an excuse to stand on a table in cowboy boots and holler. i'll have pictures up as soon as possible.

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Other dares 
11:26pm 31/10/2007
  Because I thought "a guy on a unicycle throwing Molotov cocktails" and "a menage a trois with two lesbians and Jerry Falwell" were so much fun...

1) a stripper dressed as a schoolgirl singing the Jackson Five's "ABC"
2) an aggressive drunk who gets his ass kicked by a little old lady in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank
3) a guy with an obscene tattoo on his chest who flashes a cop
4) two people in the same room talking on cell phones
5) a guy with a banana stuck in his rectum

I'm sure I'll think of more--even though I can't exactly claim originality on these; most really happened (I served in the Army with #1). Happy NaNoing!
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kickoff changes 
06:43pm 28/10/2007
  for anyone who doesn't read the forums or didn't get the mass email, or both, the location for the kickoff has changed for the third and final time. the kickoff will be held at the salvation army at 3100 n. meridian! the day and time are the same! more information can be found here.

anyway, how's everybody doing? four days to go!

08:38am 25/10/2007
  Hello! My name is Lynn (aka IndyMama in nano forums). I figured I would say hi. I don't post to livejournal often, but I will next month. I have a bad habit of deleting past messages.... hmm :)

I'm on the North Side of Indy in redneckville around 80th and Keystone. I am a full-time student at IUPUI and mom to a one year-old.

Good luck !

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08:33pm 24/10/2007
  holy crap, people! ericka and i have been absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of sign-ups on the indy forum, and the number of people planning on attending the kickoff party. this is wonderful! i mean it, i'm absolutely floored. we're talking double last year's numbers; maybe even triple. incredible!

the downside to this is that there is basically no way we can all fit into mojoe's coffeehouse for the kickoff. nothing is confirmed yet, but the venue may be changing to earth house coffee, at 237 n. east st. in indianapolis. again, this isn't a for-sure thing, but i'll be keeping everyone posted (especially since lj loads a lot faster than the nano forums.) if you haven't rsvp'd, please do so... we have a lot of tricks up our respective sleeves and the kickoff's going to be a blast. promise!